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Consulting on operations

Operations consulting aims to improve the performance of a specific process within the organisation.

We analyse an operational area and then redesign, organise, document and monitor the processes to optimise and improve its results.

Process management

The aim of analysing processes in detail is to optimise the interaction between different departments and promote the continuous improvement of the organisation. At its core, process management is about improving the efficiency of individual processes by redesigning, organising and documenting them. To do this, a process map is designed, identifying the activities of each process and analysing their value contribution, the necessary resources and the existing control elements.

Lean management

Lean methodology promotes employee involvement in continuous improvement and proactive, efficient problem solving to enhance efficiency and sustainability. The premise of lean management is to produce more and better with fewer resources. Key to achieving this is the elimination or minimisation of activities that do not provide added value.

Customer experience

Users’ touchpoints should be an experience that fits their expectations and the company's goals. The aim is to identify the different types of customers and analyse their experiences during the various moments when they come into contact with the organisation in order to improve their overall customer experience. It is also key to have tools that facilitate a customer-oriented corporate culture.

Success stories of consulting on operations

Entrada Hospital Sagrado Corazón

Lean improves organisational efficiency at the Sagrat Cor community healthcare facility

cartel MC Mutual

Process management at MC Mutual as a tool for improvement


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