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The fundamentals reflect our most essential challenges, principles and values, defining our identity, culture and ambitions.

As well as guiding our decision-making and the strategic management of the company, they help us build a unique and strong identity in the market.


Help leaders imagine the future they want to create and turn that vision into reality.


Advise organisations on how to transform and improve their management in order to optimise their results and ensure their sustainability.


Be a benchmark of knowledge and work well done.


Our core value is trust, which is made up of three concepts that identify and inspire our behaviour. Trust = Reliability + Integrity + Involvement.


  • Reliability: ability to uphold commitments.
  • Integrity: determination to act with honesty and decency. Doing the right thing, for the right reasons and in the right way.
  • Involvement: willingness to play an active and committed role in the matters in which we participate.