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Consulting on strategy, transformation and excellent management

We help senior management make strategic decisions and optimise their approach and deployment.

We analyse the organisation’s future needs and challenges and then jointly draw up a road map for the coming years.

Strategic planning

This is about setting the guidelines and behaviour that an organisation must adopt to achieve its aspirations, fulfil its mission and be true to its purpose. It is especially useful for translating intentions and wishes into concrete indicators and actions. While it is important to reflect on the path to take, it is equally important to create a story to communicate the new strategy to the relevant stakeholders in order to facilitate its implementation.

Transformation and excellent management – EFQM model


This allows organisations to conduct a global assessment of their situation and identify their strengths and opportunities for improvement, specifically their ability to optimise their performance and manage change to meet future challenges. It provides a diagnosis that identifies the main challenges of the future while helping organisations make strategic decisions and measure and accelerate their transformation capacity. In addition, organisations can qualify for an EFQM seal, which is an international certification that recognises excellent, innovative and sustainable management.


These offer a visual representation of an organisation's objectives and results. They are a tool that helps companies control and manage their objectives effectively, with management indicators to align the strategic corporate challenges with the different areas or departments and offer a global vision of the company’s performance.

Success stories of consulting on strategy and excellence

Edificio Grup Sant Pere Claver

The Sant Pere Claver Group defines its 2016-2019 Strategic Plan

Fachada Hospital Universitari Sagrat Cor

Sagrat Cor University Hospital obtains the EFQM 400+ European Seal of Excellence

Hospital Benito Menni C.A.S.M

Benito Menni CASM. Hospital obtains the EFQM 500+ European Seal of Excellence

Puerta de la DIputación de Barcelona

The Official Gazette Service of the Province of Barcelona obtains the EFQM 400+ European Seal of Excellence


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