Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

Balanced Scorecard (BSC)  


¿To what end?

To provide a graphic representation of an organisation’s objectives and the state of its performance indicators. It allows a company to monitor, control and manage processes using traffic-light colour coding as a warning system that offers a complete picture of the organisation’s performance.

What does it involve?

The balanced scorecard is a tool that uses concepts to translate a company’s strategy into tangible objectives and then quantifies them in the form of indicators. The scorecard indicators, which may apply to anything from finance to the production process and quality, are key elements as they allow us to compare our current situation with the established target values and analyse deviations.


Fundació els Tres Turons, Associació de Salut Mental Horta-Guinardó, Serveis de Salut Integrats del Baix Empordà.