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COMTEC is also a software provider. Developed by Comtec and other strategic Technology partners, our software tools are designed to fulfill the needs of our clients. You can find some examples below:

Combo is an administration software that offers a comprehensive solution in order to simplify the management of tasks, processes, documents and records, as well as internal communications, reports and balanced scorecards with its indicators. The program, which puts together every data within the organization, is user-friendly, modular, customizable and easily exportable in Excel. It also allows the user to manage user permissions and access credentials. Moreover, this program is in fact an online tool, so that all you need to work is a device with Internet connection.
Iristr is an ideal program for any Auditor, Consultant, Quality Manager or Department Head. It allows the user to exert every kind of control by means of checklists and customized audit depending on the user’s preferences. Moreover, its user interface is responsive, meaning that it works well either with a tablet, a smartphone or a computer. If you wish to watch a demo video, click here
PER is a powerful tool designed by Club de Excelencia en Gestión to allow organizations to self-evaluate, according to EFQM Excellence Model, thus simplifying and facilitating self-diagnose. An innovative graphic analysis interface captures data from self-evaluation and exposes results in real time through several graphic and numerical representations.
Benchmark is a program which translates data from one’s company and the competitors’ into benchmarking reports that help to locate the organization and its achievements in the market. Reports are produced through a simple system in which the user creates and fills out tables and indicators.
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