This course, taught by the partner and CEO of Comtec, Pau Negre, is aimed at people who intend to qualify as Accredited Assessor EFQM and those wanting a more detailed knowledge of the EFQM Excellence Model and the logic of scoring matrix REDER .

Entrepreneurs, managers in general and business professionals, University and Public Administration, of any function or responsibility that want :

  • Know in depth the EFQM Excellence Model and techniques of evaluation and scoring .
  • Personally accredited as evaluators Model
  • Acquire License Open Market to deliver official courses EFQM .

24, 25 and 26 November in Barcelona. 9:00 to 18:30 hours. Third day: 09: 00-14 : 00 hours. Lunch included.

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  • 2016-06-28 09:00 - 2016-06-28 18:00
    Our consultant Jordi Besora - certified by the International Coaching Federation - offers a master class for management profiles with the willingness to learn management techniques of leadership, development of skills of work in equipment and strategies to maximise training of different areas that add value to your company. The objective of the training aims to improve personal efficiency and transmit it to the team in the business environment. The topics covered will be:
    1. Professisonal leadership
    2. Construction and improvement of teamworks
    3. Efficient conduction of business meetings
    4. Successful presentations in public
    The course last 7.30 hours and has a cost of 240e. The price includes breakfast and lunch. Inscriptions will be open until June 21st here.
  • 2016-11-15 09:30 - 2016-11-15 18:00
    Do you need a more efficient management? Do you lose too much time solving everyday life's problems? We can help you! We present TOOLS TO SOLVE PROBLEMS AND IMPROVE by Cristina Fontcuberta, November 15th from 9.30h to 18h in Barcelona. If you sign up before October 15th, you will have 15% discount. Remember that our courses are 100% subsidized. TARGET Profesionals of all those sectors that need to optimize it management internal, of resolve problems of way agile and of make more efficient its offer both to the team internal as to the customer. OBJETIVES Embrace the concept of "continuous improvement". Learn tools that optimize the time and cost of management processes, in such a way that the company can offer goods or services more efficiently: more adjusted to the demand of the customer, much faster, at a lower cost and with assured quality. CONTENT
    1. Introduccion to management by processes
    2. Methodology PDCA to continuous improvement
    3. Kaizen Philosophy
    4. Tool A3 to organize information
    5. Practical Examples
    TEACHER- CRISTINA FONTCUBERTA Authority on Lean Management and Processes of Continuous Improvement. Comtec consultant since 2014. Industrial Engineer and certified as Lean Practitioner by the UPC & Lean Institute
  • 2016-11-23 09:30 - 2016-11-24 18:00
    Can we make this investment? Am I taking in consideration all the relevant information? Often every day doesn't let us assess the situation calmly enough, and in addition we do not always have tools to assess the consequences. Introducing the course ANALYSIS OF COSTS FOR MAKING DECISIONS by Núria Villaescusa, the 23rd and 24th of november in Barcelona. Those enrolled before the 23rd of November, will have a 15% discount.  TARGET Profesionals who need to know the dynamics of the company's costs. OBJETIVES Embrace the basic knowledge in the field of cost accounting. Learn to identify what is the important information for decision-making in a specific situation taking into account the context in which the company is located. CONTENT
    1. Cost accounting.
    2. Type of costs.
    3. Standard costs and calculation of deviations.
    4. Type of cost control systems.
    TEACHER - NURIA VILLAESCUSA Consultant specializing in Management Control, including the specific areas of financial accounting, cost accounting and management of business in large enterprises, medium and small. Degree in economic and business sciences and Executive MBA from IESE. She was an auditor at KPMG and Chief Financial Officer in a services company. As a teacher, she teaches at the prestigious IESE Business School.
  • 2019-12-11 - 2019-12-12 All day
    The new 2020 EFQM Model responds to the needs and concerns of organisations wishing to take a big leap forward in their transformation processes, and is a framework of reference for working today thinking of the future, which includes management excellence. This will involve a necessary transformation of the Recognition process and, more specifically, of assessors, who must be transformed to become Expert Management Advisors, and acquire the experience and knowledge required to help organisations in their transformation processes. Objectives of the course:
    • To learn about the new 2020 EFQM Model and compare it to 2013 version to understand the main differences between both models, paying special attention to their structures, objectives and purposes.
    • To understand that the EFQM Model is no longer just a model for excellence and has also become a model for transformation, for which it is also possible to be assessed despite not having been specifically designed for this purpose.
    • To understand and accept the new role expected of the assessor, who is no longer just an assessor but also a guide, a coach, and an expert management advisor. He/she must have the necessary experience and knowledge to help organisations in their transformation processes in order to pose suitable questions and thus help organisations develop all their potential and meet their strategic goals.
      Dates: 11 and 12 December 2019 Location: COEIC – Sala 3.1 Via Laietana, 39, Barcelona Teacher: Pau Negre, Partner and Director of COMTEC Quality Enrolment: Club Excelencia en Gestión  
  • 2020-01-28 - 2020-01-29 All day

    El nuevo Modelo EFQM 2020 da respuesta a las necesidades e inquietudes de las organizaciones que desean dar un salto exponencial en su proceso de transformación, es un marco de referencia para trabajar hoy pensando en el futuro que incluye la excelencia en la gestión.

    Ello implicará una necesaria transformación del proceso de Reconocimiento y, en especial, de los evaluadores que necesariamente deberán transformarse y convertirse en Asesores Expertos en Gestión, y adquirir la experiencia y conocimientos necesarios para ayudar a las organizaciones en su proceso de transformación.

    Objetivos del curso:
    • Conocer el nuevo Modelo EFQM 2020 y comprender las principales diferencias entre la versión 2013 y el nuevo Modelo EFQM 2020, prestando especial atención a su estructura, objetivos y propósitos que persiguen cada uno de ellos.
    • Comprender que el Modelo EFQM deja de ser solo un modelo de excelencia para convertirse, también, en un modelo de transformación, frente al que también es posible evaluarse, aunque no se ha diseñado específicamente para eso.
    • Comprender y asumir el nuevo rol que esperamos del evaluador, dejando de ser sólo un evaluador para convertirse, también, en un guía, un coach, un asesor experto en gestión. Deberá tener la experiencia y conocimientos necesarios para ayudar a las organizaciones en su proceso de transformación, con el objetivo de realizar las preguntas adecuadas que ayuden a las organizaciones a desarrollar todo su potencial como organización y a alcanzar sus objetivos estratégicos.
    Fechas: 28 y 29 de enero de 2020 Ubicación: COEIC –  Via Laietana, 39, Barcelona Profesor: Pau Negre, Soci i Director de COMTEC Quality Inscripciones: Club Excelencia en Gestión
  • 2020-04-16 16:00 - 2020-04-16 17:00
    Webinar exclusiu Club d'avaluadors EFQM del Club Excelencia en Gestión sobre la gestió en entorns VUCA en el qual s'analitzaran casos reals de l'actual crisi del COVID19. Pau Negre, Soci i Director de Comtec, presentarà aquest webinar, on tindrem l'oportunitat de reflexionar entorn les claus del Model EFQM i analitzarem diferents facetes de la gestió en entorns VUCA de manera específica, a partir de casos, situacions i exemples reals derivats de la irrupció de la crisi del COVID19, per a així perfeccionar la nostra capacitat per avaluar la gestió a partir d'elements concrets i específics. La crisi del COVID19 pot ser també una oportunitat per a millorar la nostra capacitat d'aportar valor a les organitzacions a través dels processos d'avaluació.   Data: 16 d'abril de 2020, de 16:00 a 17:00 h Lloc: online Ponent: Pau Negre, Soci i Director de Comtec Quality Organitza: Club Excelencia en Gestión  i Comtec Quality Inscripcions: Club Excelencia en Gestión
  • 2020-04-28 - 2020-04-29 All day
    El nou Model EFQM 2020 dóna resposta a les necessitats i inquietuds de les organitzacions que desitgen fer un salt exponencial en el seu procés de transformació, és un marc de referència per a treballar avui pensant en el futur que inclou l'excel·lència en la gestió. Això implicarà una necessària transformació del procés de Reconeixement i, especialment, dels avaluadors que necessàriament hauran de transformar-se i convertir-se en Assessors Experts en Gestió, i adquirir l'experiència i coneixements necessaris per ajudar a les organitzacions en el seu procés de transformació. Objectius del curs:
    • Conèixer el nou Model EFQM 2020 i comprendre les principals diferències entre la versió 2013 i el nou Model EFQM 2020, prestant especial atenció a la seva estructura, objectius i propòsits que persegueixen cadascun d'ells.
    • Comprendre que el Model EFQM deixa de ser només un model d'excel·lència per a convertir-se, també, en un model de transformació, enfront del qual també és possible avaluar-se, encara que no s'ha dissenyat específicament per a això.
    • Comprendre i assumir el nou rol que esperem de l'avaluador, deixant de ser només un avaluador per convertir-se, també, en un guia, un coach, un assessor expert en gestió. Haurà de tenir l'experiència i coneixements necessaris per ajudar a les organitzacions en el seu procés de transformació, amb l'objectiu de realitzar les preguntes adequades que ajudin les organitzacions a desenvolupar tot el seu potencial com a organització i a aconseguir els seus objectius estratègics.
      Dates: 28 i 29 d'abril de 2020 Lloc: online Professor: Pau Negre, Soci i Director de COMTEC Quality Inscripcions: Club Excelencia en Gestión
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