Lean Management Lean Management

Lean Management

Lean Management

To what end?

To produce more with less. The premise of Lean management is that simple. The Lean method allows us to adjust our production capacity to market demand and the constant changes around us, eliminate the uncertainty of day-to-day fluctuations, get workers involved and excited about daily improvement and proactive, efficient problem solving, and increase efficiency, competitiveness and sustainability in the medium-to-long term, achieving a highly favourable cost-effectiveness ratio.

What does it involve?

Lean management is a philosophy that views the company as a whole, acting in concert and moving in the same direction towards a common goal. By using the scientific PDCA method and Lean tools like the A3 and the value stream map, we work to get a complete picture of all processes and facilitate effective communication so that work gets done easily and smoothly. To this end, it is essential to eliminate activities that do not offer added value—in other words, everything customers do not see and therefore cannot appreciate.


Germanes Hospitalàries del Sagrat Cor de Martorell.

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