Service Commitment Charter (standard UNE 93200) Service Commitment Charter...

Service Commitment Charter (standard UNE 93200)

Service Commitment Charter (standard UNE 93200)  

To what end?

To inform customers of the services we offer and the commitments they entail, clearly define the company’s responsibility, promote continuous improvement, etc. This certification confers prestige on an organisation as a proof of transparency and honesty, creates added value for its customers and gives it a competitive edge in the market.

What does it involve?

The service charter is a fundamental resource in continuous improvement. It is one of the most widely used tools in both the public and private sectors for expressing a company’s commitment to quality in each of the services it offers. Designing a service charter is a multi-step process that involves setting up a task force, identifying the company’s general and legal information, determining the commitments to quality it wants to express, and finally drafting the document that will certify this pledge of continuous improvement. After identifying and introducing the company, the service charter lists and describes the services it offers and presents clearly defined standards, levels and criteria that certify and underscore its commitment to quality.


Benito Menni.  
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