Healthcare Accreditation Healthcare Accreditation

Healthcare Accreditation

Healthcare Accreditation  

To what end?

To obtain independent recognition and make an organisation eligible to bid for service contracts with the Catalan Health Service. Accreditation may be earned by acute care hospital facilities, health and social services centres, mental healthcare and addiction treatment centres, and primary care centres.

What does it involve?

The healthcare accreditation model establishes a series of requirements based on a list of standards and several performance evaluation measures. These standards are classified according to the 9 criteria of the EFQM Excellence Model. After conducting a self-assessment and analysis of the organisation’s current situation and degree of compliance with the standards, we come up with proposals and measures for improvement that must be implemented before an independent certifying body performs the final assessment.


ACES, Admiravisión, Associació de Salut Mental Septimània, Hospital CIMA, Clínica Corachan, CSMA Horta, Hospital de Campdevànol, Hospital de l’Esperit Sant, Serveis de Salut Integrats del Baix Empordà, Unió Consorci Formació, Xarxa Sanitària i Social de Santa Tecla.  
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