Environmental Management (standard ISO 14001 / EMAS Environmental Management...

Environmental Management (standard ISO 14001 / EMAS

Environmental Management (standard ISO 14001 / EMAS

To what end?

To help companies adopt a systematic approach to environmental protection and pollution prevention, with the aim of improving environmental performance and increasing profit-making opportunities. A company that is certified to standard ISO 14001 or EMAS eliminates export obstacles, minimises the risk of litigation and fines, and cuts costs. In addition, this certification is an important independent recognition of a company’s social responsibility, thereby enhancing its reputation.

What does it involve?

The process begins by using quality indicators to assess the organisation’s current situation and defining our desired environmental management objectives and policy in order to create and implement an improvement plan. Operational control, proper system documentation and a final meeting for management-level employees are all key tools for achieving the target goals in order to obtain a satisfactory score on the internal and external audits.


Cailà & Parés, Covidien, Filtros Anoia.

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