Design of Sales and Marketing Material Design of Sales and Marketing...

Design of Sales and Marketing Material

Design of Sales and Marketing Material  

To what end?

To publicise service-related corporate messages and communication elements. Well-designed sales and marketing material helps companies to communicate not only what they have to offer their stakeholders but also the organisational values that govern their commercial activity. Consequently, choosing the right design is essential to engaging potential users.

What does it involve?

When it comes to designing sales and marketing material, the range of possibilities is very wide. Everything a brand needs to reach its end users must be carefully designed to maximise the probability of commercial success, from packaging, directions and labels to calendars, catalogues, posters, magazines, folders, informative and in-house documents and, of course, advertising, mailings and websites.


Aston, Grand Hotel Central, Real Dreams, Relojes y Marcas, Restaurant Actual, RTI Health Solutions.

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