Corporate Identity Design Corporate Identity Design

Corporate Identity Design

Corporate Identity Design  

To what end?

To convey everything a company is and does, its values, etc. Corporate identity is the unique flag that identifies an organisation and sets it apart from competitors. We create a holistic identity that expresses the company’s values, mission, vision… in short, its present and its future.

What does it involve?

The process of building this identity begins with launch meetings and briefings to identify the company’s position, context and the values it wants to convey. We then develop this identity by designing the logo, colour palette, symbol, typeface and graphic catalogue. We can do this by reworking an existing corporate identity to reflect current needs and market demands, or by creating a new identity from scratch.


Aston, Boehringer, Eulàlia Cucurella, Gabinetes SME, Grand Hotel Central, Kike Baixas, Real Dreams, Restaurant Actual, Restaurant Avalon, RTI Health Solutions, UNICO Hotels.

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