The CHM Salut Mental Group defines its lines of action with a participatory process that leads to the Strategic Plan 2017-2020

The CHM Salut Mental Group incorporates four entities with a social commitment: the Associació Centre d’ Higiene Mental Les Corts, the Fundació Privada Centre d’ Higiene Mental Les Corts, the Associació Les Corts per la Inserció Laboral and the Fundació Privada Vol. Its entities are non-profit-making and carry out their activities in the public care environment and from a comprehensive community mental health perspective. In order to advance in the provision of the service in the coming years, the organization designed and established the Strategic Plan 2017-2020 accompanied by COMTEC and with the collaboration of all its institutions, with an overall participation rate of more than 65% that reflects the involvement of its staff at different levels.