Lean improves the organizational efficiency of the sociosanitary plant in the Sacred Heart

The center thought it would be interesting to analyze the organizational efficiency of the Hospitalization plant
of geriatric patients in order to improve the quality of care offered and the satisfaction of the professionals,
by reducing the percentage of time and tasks  with no added value for the patient by applying Lean methodology.

After the application of the Lean philosophy over a period of two months, organizational efficiency indicators improved markedly. First, patients received their meals before. Secondly, improving coordination between the auxiliaries and also between assistants and nurses allowed them to start making beds before, since other activities of subsidiary, such as hygiene patients, were already finished. Third, with tracking standard, the reaction time by professionals to the call of a bell was reduced. Thus ,the plant of Hospitalization of elderly patients improved its organizational efficiency by reducing feelings of stress and accumulation of tasks throughout the day.