Anestalia certifies its risk management system for patient safety and adapts to the new version of ISO 9001:2015

Anestalia is a society of medical services in anesthesiology that provides its services since 1994 to Teknon Medical Center, which offers a comprehensive health care service giving priority to personalized attention with the support of the most advanced technology in each of the areas of patient care. They work in different areas of specialization, such as operating theatre, obstetrics, endoscopy, radiology, assisted reproduction and post-operative pain.

Anestalia contacts COMTEC to renew the ISO 9001 certification, adapting its management system to the requirements of the 2015 version of the standard. As a result of the process of adaptation to which the organization is embarking, COMTEC suggests reviewing and preparing its risk management system for patient safety and certifying it according to UNE 179003. The aim is to carry out actions aimed at preventing patient safety risks in an aligned and integrated manner with its quality management system.