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Quality policy

Quality polict

The Management of COMTEC has defined a Quality Policy, which establishes the premises to try to guarantee the quality of service and continuous improvement, remaining faithful to the philosophy of work and corporate values:

1 – To fulfill the requirements and commitments established with our clients.

2 – Adaptation to customer needs and corporate culture.

3 – Enhance communication and information to the customer.

4 – Guarantee professional competence.

5 – Facilitate access to our service and the availability of our professionals.

6 – Offer maximum confidentiality.

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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

We have an Environmental Policy that promotes continuous improvement to ensure that COMTEC’s activities are carried out in an environmentally friendly manner:

1. Comply at all times with applicable legal and other environmental requirements.

2. Identify and control environmental aspects to prevent pollution and possible emergency situations arising.

3. Reduce, whenever possible, consumption and waste generated by our own activities.

4. Ensure good management of the waste generated.

5. Work with suppliers or collaborators that watch over environmental development.

6. Raise environmental awareness among COMTEC personnel or on their behalf by promoting good environmental practices.

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Occupational Safety and Health Policy

Occupational Safety and Health Policy

Through our Occupational Safety and Health Policy (OSH), we assume the commitment to implement and develop an occupational risk prevention system that will be integrated into all its activities and decisions, both in technical processes and in the organization of work and the conditions in which it is carried out, including all hierarchical levels.

In this respect, COMTEC undertakes the following commitments:

1. Avoid risks, assess those that cannot be avoided and combat risks at source.

2. Comply with applicable legislation on occupational risk prevention and other OSH-related requirements.

3. To promote the continuous improvement of behaviors and levels of occupational risk prevention.

4. Involve all company personnel in the responsibility for the management of occupational risk prevention, including contractors and collaborators, in the active commitment to improving working conditions and encouraging participation, information, training and consultation.

SST’s policy affects both the people who work for the company and the workplaces and teams.

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