The road to excellence through the EFQM model

Each day there are more entities of different sectors that invest time and involve personal to improve management for business excellence

It is initially a matter of philosophy. The philosophy of business excellence. It is to work to achieve excellent results in relation to all the results that are essential for the Organization: customers, people and society. The process is the result of good leadership that directs and drives the strategy and policy between the people of the Organization, promotes partnerships, looks for resources and runs processes.

Excellence in business management is based on concepts such as orientation towards results and client, leadership and perseverance, involvement of people, social responsibility, etc. It is not improvised, but a result of the Organization through a contrasted and recognized model: the EFQM model.

EFQM Model

The EFQM model is understood as a structured management framework that provides organizations, both public and private, a global vision to promote and stimulate the improvement towards excellence. Excellent organisations are supposed to maintain higher levels of performance to meet the expectations of all its stakeholders. The use of the EFQM model of excellence enables organizations to understand the relationship between the organization and that obtained by means of a self-assessment system.


To obtain a EFQM seal is to elaborate a descriptive report of the Organization, its activities of management and its results, as well as undergo a process of self-evaluation. The Organization agrees to seal when, in the Spanish case, the Club for Excellence in Management validates the scoring of the assessment made by the certification body.



Centres working for excellence

Two entities of the health sector have achieved recently this road to excellence to get recognition. On the one hand, the Hospital Benito Menni C.A.S.M, centre belonging to the Congregación de Hermanas Hospitalarias del Sagrado Corazón, has earned the seal of European excellence 500. The hospital is part of a set of psychogeriatrics and general hospitals, mental health centres whose mission is based on prevention, cure and rehabilitation of patients with different types of needs.

The challenge that Hospital Benito Menni CASM raised was advancing in its commitment to excellence and thus obtain a recognition that supports its bid for good governance embodied in good results in healthcare quality. In collaboration with Comtec, last year the Center has launched a process of equipment revitalization to facilitate the generation of initiatives and leadership, which, together with the appropriate and technical support has made it possible to project the institutional recognition.

300+, 400+, 500+
300+, 400+ y 500+ seals

Hospital Universitario Sagrado Corazón is the entity which has recently achieved a recognition for excellence in management, taking 400+ seal. The Centre belongs to Quironsalut group and provides all the medical-surgical specialities, being the largest in Barcelona privately owned hospital. With the aim of being an excellent organization, the hospital has worked to maintain higher levels of performance and has promoted and stimulated the improvement towards excellence. The result has been a recognition that valuates a well done job.

Written by Sara Sandalinas Tura

Sara Sandalinas is in charge of Comtec’s internal and external communication. She holds a degree in Journalism from University Ramón Llull that has brought her to explore the myriad fields of her profession, working in media and press offices. Her responsibilities include handling media relations, producing written material, performing analyses and organising corporate presentations and events.

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